Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy with Kids

Who knew that a second baby would turn our world upside down again? But, ohhhh what a sweet baby he is and we are having such a great time. My daughter is just tickled to have a little brother.
I've been working on sketches for publications and design teams and have not had much time to sketch for fun, but I promise to post something soon. I have some new and fun photos of the kids, so don't be surprised if something shows up soon.


Jane said...

Oh my goodness!!! he is just beautiful!!!

Vel said...

Oh my gosh, what a little doll he is!

Sharon said...

Liz, he is just so darling!! WHat a joy he must be for your family. Sending Best Wishes from across the waves!

Deb said...

Liz he is just precious!!!! My little guy will be here in about 49 days! He will be my 3rd son.
I love your site and your sketches have brought me so much joy. Thank you so very much for sharing them!!!
Oh and your layouts are absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Liz, Henry is gorgeous!!! What a handsome little guy!

Jenny said...

He is a handsome little devil!!