Friday, April 3, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New

I am so excited that my new Canon Rebel camera arrived today! I have been waiting to purchase one for a while, because I think I have outgrown my Nikon COOLPIX. Can't knock it too hard though, because it is the camera that took the photo of my daughter and the rainbow in a post below. Nevertheless, I think I am ready for a bit more "power".

I took this photo of my new Rebel with my Nikon COOLPIX, which is 7.1 megapixels (not too shabby for a pocket camera), it's pretty clear, and of course the Rebel looks so handsome all in black, LOL!

Then I took the photo of my old Nikon with my brand new Canon Rebel, which is 10.1 megapixels (super cool) and I think you can notice a bit more clarity...and I did not use a flash - thank heavens. The brilliance though is in how the Rebel handles my shaky hands and helps me line up my shots. Stay tuned for more photos from my new camera pal.


Mickey said...

What a wonderful camera! I love Canon. Still happy with my EOS 350D. Shopping for a new lens right now. Have fun with it and we'll see lots of great photo's soon on your blog,

Amanda Muirhead said...

Congratulations on your new Camera Liz!!! You will not be disappointed in a Rebel!!!!