Friday, April 2, 2010

Live Healthy Fridays

A couple years ago I watched this documentary, Go Further, with Woody Harrelson (that's right, the guy from Cheers) which focuses on taking care of the environment and raw food diets. In this feel good trip from Seattle to Los Angeles, Woody and his friends make some really good points about living healthy and taking care of the earth. What struck me about the movie was how healthy Woody looks, because it seemed to me that in many of the roles he played in the 90's, he wasn't looking so good. But, I have to say something must be working for him now, because he looks great in this documentary and many of his recent film roles.

I personally would have a tough time with eating only raw foods, see raw foodism, but I think there is some merit in the documentary to think about. The human body can easily digest raw food and the nutritional advantage of uncooked food is huge. You can watch this video instantly in your Netflix queue. If any of you happen to watch it or have already seen it, I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

I was able to skip drinking coke a few more days last week, but it was not a perfect week. Going to try harder this week.

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DebL said...

Very interesting - I have not watched the film, but am also trying to do alittle better for both the environment and my own health. I'll try to hunt this down.