Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Village from Little Yellow Bicycle

This is a fun little project I made for the Little Yellow Bicycle Wonder & Wishes catalog.  I used the Cricut Winter Woodland Cartridge to make these little houses and church.  They were fairly easy to assemble and have a lot of options for patterned paper.  I think they would look adorable with little tea lights inside to light up the windows.

You can see the different choices for houses on the bottom row.  Plus the trees are really easy to make too.  This is such an adorable cartridge.  I think the skates would make a fun project too.

Same project at a different angle.  I tried to make it look a little more like winter by sprinkling the houses and white foam board with salt.
The houses and trees stand up on their own pretty easily.  The shutters take a little more attention and since I was using prototype paper, were a tad too stiff.  I think this would be a lot easier to make with the real patterned paper.

Thank you for stopping by!


Vickie said...

Love your village. I'm thinking I'm going to do one for Easter. Make the church and the trees with eggs hanging on the branches. That is the plan, that is still in my head. lol


Auntie Em said...

These are so cute with all the patterned papers! I have this cart and have been debating how to create a little village. Didn't get it done for this Christmas but hopefully for next! :D
Thanks for sharing! :)

Marielle said...

Oh my word Liz !!! those are so clever ,love 'em !!!