Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Fun

My two little munchkins on Easter.  They found some fun spring buckets, participated in an "over in the blink of an eye" egg hunt and then a more extended bubble making challenge.
There was so much candy in the egg hunt, that the spring buckets were more about new duds, books and a little stuffed bunny - which both kids insist on sleeping with.
It's true that the larger faster child will collect more eggs, but we did implement a 30 second head start rule for the little ones.
The bubble challenge was a big hit...for all age groups!

Hope you all had a nice Easter too!


Kris Berc said...

These are wonderful photos! Wow your kids are growing up!

Michelle said...

Such cute photos!! I am glad you had a good Easter!

Court said...

SUPER fun! I love it! :)