Thursday, May 9, 2013

Take A Hike With Simple Stories

It's been a LONG winter in Colorado and we are actually still getting snow believe it or not.  However, my family loves to camp and hike so we had to head west on I-70 in search of sunshine and warmth.  We found it in Fruita, CO near the Colorado National Monument last weekend and actually got to spend a few days in 70 degree weather even though the night dropped to 30 degrees (not my ideal for sleeping outside, but still more fun than snow at my house).
I thought the Simple Stories Take a Hike collection was great fit for these photos.  It's almost as if the Simple Stories designers know exactly where the Qualmans like to camp and created the perfect sentiments and color palettes.   This collection was made for the National Park circuit if you KWIM.
The other thing that is so wonderful about this collection is that it is so thoughtful that I did not need to add anything more than my photos and journaling - simple right?  Just the way I like to get the memories of our trips documented.
It was so easy to make these pages that I don't have a lot of tips, except that I love to buy postcards from all of the national and state parks that we visit because then I have the perfect beauty shot of where we are staying with the title already added to the photo.  Makes it even easier to document the trip and the park service profits from my purchase.  Talk about good Karma...
I also cut off a piece of the map we were given at the park entrance to show the trail we hiked along the rim of the canyon and added a smaller photo of the hikers in our party to one of the Take a Hike 4 x 6 journal cards.  Makes a fun and easy compilation.  I used my Xyron Mega Runner to adhere the map and photo to the 4 x 6 journal card.
I cut out this little photo from the park brochure and added it and the fun footprints from the 12 x 12 Fundamental Cardstock Stickers to a 3 x 4 journal card.
The 12 x 12 Expression Cardstock Stickers are great for adding your own sentiment with the letters and journal spots.
My son discovered the water source at our campsite and washed himself off a bit.  He was very pleased with his work.
I love the spacing on the 4 x 6 journal cards because it allows me to write big loopy letters in my cursive.  I just added a couple of journal stickers to this card and called it good.

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