Friday, May 21, 2010

Live Healthy Fridays

The weather in Colorado is starting to warm up and I am looking forward to a beautiful weekend. I'm probably going to get my bike out to ride with the kids this weekend. I figure if Miley Cyrus and her family can get out and ride their bikes amidst the hype and paparazzi, then I really don't have an excuse not to ride mine. We have a wonderful bike path right our our back is grand.

Anyone else been riding their bikes lately???

Thank you so much for stopping by -


Melinda Spinks said...

Now I'm feeling seriously guilty... I have just read this 'healthy' post whilst indulging in a late morning breakfast of 'ham and cheese croissant'... not exactly the healthiest way to start the day. Atleast the sun is shining, it is gorgeous and warm so I promise I will take the kids outside and wear off the croissant. :)
Make sure you dodge the papparazzi Liz, wouldn't want you to fall off your bike on top of a photographer! Although that would make some good scrapping! :)

Michelle said...

We love biking!! Ben loves it as well. We still have Brit's bike trailer. We like to find the state trails and go riding.

Aphra said...

I am trying hard to take the kiddos outside but the humidity is about to melt me. LOL! Let me know if you run into any famous bike riders. :D