Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Mornings

My husband has banned all glitter products from our home. I think he has a phobia that once glitter is released into the atmosphere, a human will inevitably ingest it. So...I don't use glitter on any of my projects, instead I like to use materials like chalk that have some kind of shimmer or glow "trapped" within the product. The Metallic Creme chalks from Pebbles Inc. have an abundance of colors choices and are perfect for coloring things like chipboard. You can purchase an entire set of metallic chalks for under $20.
Do you have a good pair of tweezers??? I love to use stickers (well... I am a teacher), and I am meticulous when it comes to positioning those little suckers into place. You can find this cool pair from Making Memories for less than $5.

Another one of my favorite small online shops is Blackberry Paper. The owner, Beth, has many discounts on products and will ship you orders quickly and at a reasonable price. She carries a full line of many collections. Stop by and check out her place, she even writes a thank you note on all of her order forms. Talk about service.


Julie Howard said...

So sorry to hear about your hubby's glitter phobia. :P

Vel said...

I'm not a fan of glitter, myself, but I do love me some sheen. Thanks for the chalk tip. I have some chalks at home but I think I've used them once. I might have to dust off the cover and take them out now. :)