Friday, July 9, 2010

Live Healthy Fridays

Been hiking much this summer? We just enjoyed a camping and hiking trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, one of Colorado's most gorgeous playgrounds. We hiked to see Alberta Falls from Bear Lake and had a great time trekking.
My daughter lost another tooth on the trip and is now missing a total of 4 teeth. She thinks she looks a bit like a vampire. But you can see that it doesn't stop the fun of hiking with the family.
This was the view from our campsite of Longs Peak, which is one of Colorado's most notorious fourteeners. It's not for sissies and you can't drive to the top like Pikes Peak. Since it rained the entire night we slept, we woke to a snow covered mountain range, which was just breakthtaking. Luckily there was sunshine in the morning to dry everything up.

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Laura Achilles said...

great photos Liz! is your husband interested in summiting Longs? David has tried for about 3 years and has always been turned back by weather and the trail still isn't ready quite yet this summer. Maybe they can do it together! David plans on spending the night before and he always leaves the trailhead at about 3:00 or so in the morning. Kinda creepy leaving in the dark - the head lamp only sees so far :-)

Michelle said...

These are just gorgeous!!!! What breathtaking views!!! We enjoy alot of hiking and such too. We have a state park sticker in both MN and WI.

Leah said...

We certainly have enjoyed some! We took a weeks vacation to Yosemite and did about 15 miles of hiking and biking (and with a 1, 4 and 5 yr old!) I haven't been by in a while, do forgive me! Looks like you all are enjoying summer which is great to see! Take care!
Leah (Stuck on U Sketches)

leah said...

Oh, how fun!! It looks Gorgeous, too!