Friday, March 26, 2010

Live Healthy Fridays

One of the goals I have set this year is to get my health in order. Long story short, two pregnancies, two c-sections and two ACL knee surgeries have put a pretty big damper on my previously active lifestyle. So, I thought I might share some of my discoveries each Friday in my blog posts about my quest to manage weight and increase my general well being. Last week I blogged about organic food, which is a good start. This week I am going to talk about reducing sugar...

Can you believe the name of this book??? I'm not sure that I am aspiring to be a skinny bitch, but I know I don't want to be a fat one. I think I am going to set my sights on skinny sainthood - LOL.

Despite the shock value of the title and the boot camp approach to the way the author's have written the book, it does have some merit for your health. However, you may not be surprised by what the two authors share about food, they just have a unique way of telling you what you can no longer ignore.

One of the chapters that is particularly good is the one on Sugar. I think the chapter is called Sugar is the Devil. And - when you are trying to trim belly fat, it most certainly is..

Let's start with a no-brainer and one that I personally struggle with. I love a tall, bubbling glass of ice-cold Coca Cola, but it is doing me no favors. Just look at the chart to see how much sugar is in each drink. Then when you take into account that the "sugar" in Coke is from high fructose corn syrup, it is like a second whammy, since engineered food products are nothing but bad news. There is a reason that corn products are used to fatten livestock if you KWIM...

Here is something that may be a surprise. Did you know that most brands of spaghetti sauces are full of sugar? Some brands can contain up to 13 g of sugar per serving and if the recommended daily allowance for sugar is around 35 g per day, that means one pasta meal is more than a third of the daily allowance. Check labels in the supermarket to find a sauce with less sugar. I like to buy the Muir Glen brand because it only has about 4 g of sugar per serving. Or, if you like to cook, make your own sauce, then you can control the ingredients.

So this week the task is to monitor how much sugar I am consuming by not drinking Coke (this will be rough) and reading food labels for sugar content and choosing healthier options (definitely easier). Anyone with me???

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Michelle said...

Oh Liz that is a tough one!! I too have a hard time giving up my can of Coke!! I need the caffeine boost sometimes! LOL I am a big one for meals/baked goods made from scratch tho. Because like you said there are sugars (and other stuff) in there. Too many preservatives and such in foods too!

Beatriz Farquhar Guzman said...

yes, this is awesome. I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us, we all need to remind ourselves how important food is to our bodies!I've read "we are what we eat". Happy Friday!

Penny Smith said...

YAY! LOVE this book! I have no thyroid, (removed a few years back) and losing weight is a JOKE for me... I did much of what the book recommended, and was a natural and organic food advocate for years, but the sugar... that is one of my hardest things! I usually joke that a lot of the weight is because there are ORGANIC cookies and things, and BOY do they taste BETTER! :)
I got the book for Christmas-my best friend got it for several of us.
I like "Eat this and LIVE." (NOT eat this not that) It has lots of great information that shouldn't be ignored too! (I got mine at Wal-mart in the Christian book rack, since he is a 7 day adventist, but a MD too.)

OK, I'll stop babbling! :)
(OK, maybe not!) It was REALLY hard to share that book I was enjoying in my Christian woman's circles, let me tell you! :) mostly NOT a big deal, but it is a shocking title!