Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Mornings

I was at the mall the other day... Sounds pretty mundane except that for me to get to a mall I have to drive at least 2 hours, so I only get to a mall about twice a year. While I was walking around, I noticed a music store loaded with CDs and EVERYTHING was on SALE. I had to chuckle, because I now buy all of my music online (the legal way) and it seemed really strange to see a music store still in business - barely. It took me back to vinyl and tapes for a few minutes and the time I bought my first Duran Duran album. Those were the days...

However, despite my nostalgia for days gone by, I'm a big fan of product on demand, so I like to download my music instantly from sources like iTunes. It is easy to search for songs and I love the feature that allows you to listen to a few seconds of the music so you can make sure it is the right song. I also like the a'la'cart feature for buying a single song instead of the whole album. Saves me money and relieves me of songs I don't really care for. Music has never been more accessible and I find myself listening to more and more variety.

How do you get your music?

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Beatriz Farquhar Guzman said...

Hola Liz! I get my music from playlist.com and listen to it while I scrapbook. It is awesome to get what I like and play it according to my mood. By the way, I posted my version of your last sketch, which I loved, of course! Happy Tuesday! (I loved what you posted about food and nutrition too, thank you for sharing this!)

Cris said...

Liz, no doubt I think like you! I much prefer to download my music from ITunes, even if I come across a CD sale. I also download other fun things like audiobooks and movies - yeah, I'm a little addicted! xoxo