Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Mornings

Netflix is one of my favorite internet features. Not only do we wait for movies in the mail, we watch them instantly online too. We haven't had Television capabilities other than watching videos on our DVD player for over 10 years, so we really enjoy our Netflix. We keep up with some popular shows, but we are usually a season behind everyone else. LOL!

Something we have discovered as of late is that our bluray player will run the Netlfix Watch Instantly directly to our TV and that we don't have to hook up our computer. This is such a wonderful feature and we get even more mileage out of our membership. Netflix has a range of prices depending on how many movies you like to receive at a time and our bluray player cost us just over $200 (but well worth it).

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Michelle said...

We just bought a new Bravia TV.. I guess we have the capability to download something and watch it directly from the TV!! Who know?! I love netflix too! :)

Diana said...

We are so behind in Technology at my house we don't even have a CD player, we use the portable one that we got for the kids, We do have a great HDTV but that's about it. I love NetFlix also.